About Us

Our Philosophy

At HAKA, we are passionate about engineering and new product development. Our history and experiences in various areas of engineering speak to our abilities to handle your unique technical environment and needs. With profound expertise in highly-regulated industries, we leverage our knowledge and transfer proven processes into success that spans across industries and into a multitude of market segments. With our flexible engagement models, you can choose HAKA product development support via our facility in Riyadh, or if needed, we can stand up necessary staff onsite at your facility, through our HAKA-program. Your engineering need is our next opportunity for success.


Rigorous Design Process

Our Systems Engineering project approach allows us to clearly understand project needs and structure assignments to deliver results.

Unparalleled Flexibility
Rapid Project Execution
Exceptional Customer Experience
IP Policy
Commitment to Quality

With our commitment to the people we work with, the work we do, and a desire to create something bigger than ourselves, we have created a culture that allows us to accomplish the nearly-impossible for our customers..

Eng. Ahmed,



Solutions for Complex Problems
We believe in delivering legendary products and services as measured by excellence and applicability to customers’ needs and desires.